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Derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay

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Derrida on formal logic: an …

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Derrida on Formal Logic: An …

antigone hero essay Critical Essay #1. Antigone the Hero. In the an interpretive, play Antigone , I believe Sophocles purposely depicts Antigone as a hero. Abortion Essay! Antigone portrays extremely courageous qualities, and definitely fights for what she believes in. She does not accept what the king says just because he is the king or a person in authority. She does not agree with his law so she goes with her heart and her feelings and disobeys the king’s rule.

It takes courage and strength to stand up against derrida logic essay authority for what you believe in. However, a strong person could not sit back and watch something happen that they did not believe in. They would figure out the 2 essays, best way to stop it and then attempt to do so. I guess it is just a matter of an interpretive how important something is to hamlet's you. If something happens that has no or little significance to you, then most likely you will not worry about it or do anything to stop it. In the case of Antigone she felt loyal to her brother and felt that she should protect his honor and give him the respect that he deserves even if the king did not agree with her. Who is the king anyway? He is derrida on formal an interpretive, just a human being like you and hamlet's I. Why should we listen to and obey anything he says. How did this person (king or person in an interpretive, authority) get the power they have? How do they handle the power they have? If the person actually earned their respect from hard work and personality characteristics, people are more likely to listen to him.

On the other hand, if the person did not earn respect, and got in army accountability, the position they are in simply because they were a predecessor of a previous king and were handed the power, people are less likely to follow the rule of that person. Logic Essay! This makes a big difference in control, the way that people will react to a person in on formal logic an interpretive, power. They must respect him or her and believe that he or she is doing what is best for the people. Political leaders are supposed to do what is right for the people as a whole. However, we all know that people make mistakes even if they are unintentional. Their mistakes may not even be realized until further down the road. Also, people can easily get greedy and optimal resume look out for derrida an interpretive essay their own good before others.

Although, in certain situations you may need to listen to someone wiser than yourself, ultimately you are going to make the decision that you think is best. Therefore, just because someone in authority spits out commands does not mean that everything he or she says is right or just. You must question everything and unit if you feel strong enough against derrida logic an interpretive it, stand up and fight it. In the story, Antigone does just this. She is aware of the consequences and sticks to army what she feels she should do. Logic! Sophocles obviously portrayed Antigone and her sister Ismene as complete opposites.

When Antigone runs to tell her sister of the situation Ismene will not help Antigone and tries to stop her from going through with her plans to bury her brother. In the background of Antigone they describe Creon’s edict as “unjust” (1424). This turns on a little light bulb that makes me think the author agrees that Creon's actions are wrong. The author goes on to say that “the gods approve of her action” (1424) and “she dies a victim of Creon’s hubris” (1424). If she were not being portrayed as a heroine, the hamlet's essay, gods would not approve of her actions. Instead they would think that she died for a petty cause and disobeyed a higher power.

When they say she is a victim of Creon’s hubris, they are essentially saying she was put to death because of Creon’s excessive pride not because she committed a crime that stemmed from her excessive pride. Derrida On Formal Logic An Interpretive! The only thing that may not support this argument is that Sophocles may not have written the background. Instead it may be interpretations written by the author of the book. Ismene is nowhere near as strong as her sister. It seems like she believes in what she is optimal resume, doing, but she fears Creon and the law. Derrida On Formal Logic An Interpretive Essay! In the play she says, “We are only women, we cannot fight with men”(1427). Hamlet's Delay! This quote shows Antigone’s strength. She is essay, not afraid of men, death, or what anyone can or will do to cons abortion her. She is loyal to her family and derrida herself. Ismene agrees that she is a loyal person, but says that she is army accountability, “unwise”(1428). Ismene also says, “I beg the dead to an interpretive essay forgive me, I am helpless”(1427).

If Ismene were so wise she would find an hamlet's alternative way to honor her brother while staying out of derrida on formal trouble. 2 Essays! Instead, she gutlessly sits back and begs forgiveness when she could easily leave with her sister and logic an interpretive do what she knows she should. In the cons abortion, end Ismene goes to Creon and derrida on formal logic an interpretive confesses to a crime she did not commit. If Sophocles were trying to highlight Ismene as a wiser person, he would have had her live on ap biology 2 essays, and make something of her life. Derrida On Formal An Interpretive! Instead, she makes a complete fool of herself. This was the most unwise decision I observed throughout the entire play. If she were a strong person she would have confessed to the crime and said that Antigone was innocent so that she could free her sister from the wrath of Creon. Ismene contradicted her entire argument in army accountability, trying to derrida on formal an interpretive persuade Antigone not to disobey Creon and the law by going against her own advice. The only way I could consider this admirable is if she realized she was wrong and truly wanted to honor her brother. Sometimes I believe it takes a stronger person to admit that they made a mistake and attempt to make up for it. However, I do not think that is the resume, case with Ismene.

I believe she was afraid to live alone with no family alive. By having Ismene come back and make a complete idiot of herself at the end of the logic an interpretive essay, play, Sophocles made Antigone stand out as a leader and a very courageous person, because Ismene follows her. Optimal Ucr! Also following Antigone is Haimon, Creon’s son, who quarreled with his father and derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay tried to persuade him not to execute Antigone. Although, he did not follow Antigone because he was weak and afraid he followed her because he believed in her as a person. Haimon seems to have the most sense of everyone in optimal resume, the play and also is portrayed as a hero. He shows the ability to see both sides of the argument and reasons very well with his father. He understands his father’s sternness, but at derrida on formal logic the same time makes good arguments for Antigone. His father says to Haimon, “Do you want me to make myself weak before the writing thesis phd, people? Or to break my sworn word”(1440).

Haimon replies: Reason is God’s crowning gift to man, and you are right to warn me against losing mine. I cannot say I hope that I shall never say! –that you have reasoned badly. Yet there are other men who can reason, too; and their opinions might be helpful. You are not in a position to know everything that people say or do or what they feel. . .Everyone will tell you only what you like to on formal logic hear. Hamlet's Essay! But I, at any rate can listen; and I have heard them muttering and whispering in the dark about this girl. They say no woman has ever, so unreasonably, died so shameful a death for a generous act. (1440-41) In my eyes, this is the best argument made throughout the derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay, entire play. Haimon acknowledges that Creon is the king, but realizes he is still human and can make mistakes. The people of the city agree that the girl should not be punished for such a generous act. However, the people will not tell him to 2 essays his face how they actually feel. They only say to him what he wants to hear. This is a great statement that should make Creon think about what is really best for the city and the people in the city.

Antigone is such a great and noble person that she has the entire city standing behind her. In the an interpretive essay, end of the ap biology, story she is sentenced to death. On Formal An Interpretive! She accepts her punishment with bravery. She knows in her heart that what she has done is not wrong. She shows this by saying, “And yet, as men’s hearts know, I have done no wrong, I have not sinned before God”(1445). Cons Essay! Haimon felt so strongly about derrida on formal essay Antigone and her reasoning for her actions that he took his own life.

So Antigone overall was a strong person who touched the lives of writing phd other people so much that they were willing to die for her cause. Now that is a strong leader. Sophocles had this in derrida on formal an interpretive, mind when he wrote the play and wanted to make Antigone the hero. I also find it intriguing that Sophocles made the main character a woman. No offense to women, but at this time in history I do not think that society thought of women as strong and powerful.

I like that Sophocles did this anyway and broke barriers of what society thought. Overall, throughout the entire story Sophocles gave Antigone qualities that made her a strong person that many people including myself would look up to. Sophocles. Antigone . Abortion Essay! Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and derrida on formal an interpretive essay Drama .

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Derrida on Formal Logic: An …

Nursing at the NIH Clinical Center. Chief Nurse Officer (Acting) NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. MA, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI. PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Gwenyth Wallen, PhD, RN is currently the Deputy Chief Nurse Officer for Research and an interpretive Practice Development and the Chief of Nursing Research and Translational Science at air traffic control highlights the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center. Her clinical research specializations include health behavior and health disparities research with special emphasis on logic methodology and measurement in end-of-life care, integrative health and vulnerable populations. Essay? Prior to beginning her career as a clinical nurse scientist and nursing administrator she held advance practice roles as the Clinical Specialist for derrida essay Neonatology and Clinical Manager of the Level III NICU at cons essay the Washington Hospital Center, in logic essay, Washington, DC. Dr. Wallen also served as a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Family Studies at the University of Maryland coordinating evaluation research for three state and local Responsible Fatherhood programs. Dr. Wallen is a member of the Eunice Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Institutional Review Board. She serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor for army accountability Behavioral and derrida an interpretive Community Health, University of Maryland, School of Public Health and an Adjunct Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan, School of Nursing.

Dr. Wallen has a BS in Nursing from the University of Maryland, a MA in Management and Supervision from Central Michigan University, and a PhD in Health Education from the University of Maryland. In 2008 she completed the 2-year University of Arizona Fellowship in resume, Integrative Medicine as part of her developing portfolio of integrative health research. Selected Honors and Awards: National Institutes of Health Graduate Partnership Program Mentorship Award (2015) National Institute of Heart Lung and Blood, Director's Award for Diversity (2014) National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center Director's Science Award (2013) U.S. Public Health Service Hasselmeyer Award for Nursing Research Initiatives (2012) National Institutes of Health Director's Award for on formal logic an interpretive Administration, NIAMS National Multicultural Outreach Initiative (2012) National Institutes of Health Director's Award for Mentoring (2012) National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Director's Science Award (2012) National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center Director's Award for Teaching/Training (2011) United States Public Health Service (USPHS), Chief Nurse Officer Award (2007) National Institutes of accountability essay, Health, Clinical Center, Director's Science Award (2005) National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center, Director's Award for Education (2002)

Wallen, G.R. (March 27, 2014). Mixed Methods and Qualitative Research Designs: A Different World View. On Formal Logic Essay? Annual Meeting of the Mexican Emerging Infectious Disease Clinical Research Network (La Red), Mexico City, Mexico. Wallen, G.R. (November 8-12, 2013). Workshop: Fundamentals of Clinical Research for the Clinical Research Nurse. 4th Military Medical University International Nursing Conference, Xian, China. Wallen, G.R. (June 2013). Keynote: Current Status and Development of writing thesis, Translating Research into Nursing Practice: An Interdisciplinary Approach for on formal an interpretive Building Exemplary Translational Science in Nursing.

4th Military Medical University International Nursing Conference, Xian, China. Ulrich, C.M., Wallen, G.R., Cui, N., Chittams, J., Sweet, M., Plemmons, D. Ap Biology? (2015). Establishing Good Collaborative Research Practices in the Responsible Conduct of Research in Nursing Science. Nursing Outlook, 63(2): 171-180. Wallen, G.R., Brooks, A.T., Whiting, B., Clark, R., Krumlauf, M.C., Yang, L., Schwandt, M.L., George, D.T., Ramchandani, V.A. (2014). The Prevalence of logic, Sleep Disturbance in Alcoholics Admitted for Treatment: A Target for Chronic Disease Management. Family Community Health, 37(4):288-97. Wallen, G.R. (2014). Innovations that INSPIRE (Innovation for Nursing-Sensitive Practice in a Research Environment).

Nursing Management, 45(9): 23-25. Wallen, G.R., Minniti, C.P., Krumlauf, M., Eckes, E., Allen, D., Oguhebe, A., Seamon, C., Darbari, D.S., Hildesheim, M., Yang, L., Schulden, J.D., Kato, G.J., Taylor VI. J.G. (2014). Sleep Disturbance, Depression and accountability essay Pain in derrida essay, Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. BMC Psychiatry. Jul 21;14(1):207. [Epub ahead of print]. Brooks, A.T., Andrade, R. E., Middleton, K.R., and Wallen, G.R. (2014). Social Support: A Key Variable for army accountability Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management in Hispanic Patients with Rheumatic Diseases. Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and on formal logic an interpretive Musculoskeletal Disorders, 7:21-26. Brooks, A.T., Silverman, L., Wallen, G.R. Hamlet's? (2013). On Formal An Interpretive? Shared Decision Making: A Fundamental Tenet in a Conceptual Framework of Integrative Healthcare Delivery, Integrative Medicine Insights, 8:29-36.

Ames, N.J., Peng, C., Powers, J.H., Leidy, N.K., Miller-Davis, C., Rosenberg, A., VanRaden, M., Wallen, G.R. (2013). Beyond Intuition: Patient Fever Symptom Experience. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Epub ahead of print DOI: pii: S0885-3924(13)00229-7. Wallen, G.R., Middleton, K.R., Miller-Davis, C., Tataw-Ayuketah, G., Todaro, A., Rivera-Goba, M., Mittleman, B. (2012). Writing Thesis? Patients' and Community Leaders' Perceptions Regarding Conducting Health Behavior Researcher in a Diverse, Urban Clinic Specializing in Rheumatic Diseases. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and derrida on formal Action, 6 (4): 405-415.

Service Chief for air traffic Oncology and Critical Care. NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. MSN, Marymount, Arlington, VA. DNP, University of derrida on formal an interpretive essay, Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Deborah Kolakowski is the Nursing Service Chief for delay essay Oncology and Critical Care at the NIH, Clinical Center. She provides oversight of the daily operations, planning and advising the inpatient and ambulatory programs of care within the specialty practice of oncology and on formal critical care. She works closely with the multidisciplinary teams directing the agendas for the programs regarding clinical research nursing. Dr. Kolakowski earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD, a Master of Science in Nursing from Marymount University and a Bachelor of highlights essays, Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina. On Formal An Interpretive? Her previous work experiences include Program Director for Advanced Practice and Outcomes Management and Nurse Manager for the Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the NIH Clinical Center. While at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., she served in resume ucr, the capacity as the Interim Chief Nurse Executive, Administrator for Patient Care Services, and Director of Critical Care Services. Dr.

Kolakowski's research interest and focus for on formal logic essay her capstone course work identified nursing research activities that contributed to nursing workload in a clinical research setting utilizing a patent classification system to quantify acuity measures. Selected Honors and Awards: National Institute of Health, Clinical Center Patient Safety Champion Award – Critical Care (2007) National Institute of Health, Clinical Center, Nursing and Patient Care Services Team Award –ICU, (2007) National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center Director's Award for abortion Strategic Initiatives (2004) Selected Presentations and Publications: Kolakowski, D. The road ahead: Defining clinical research intensity workload measures. QuadraMed; Acuity Plus User Group Meeting, Washington DC; August 2010. Kolakowski, D. Derrida Logic Essay? The road ahead: Defining clinical research intensity workload measures. International Association of Clinical Research Nursing Pre-conference Roundtable. Bethesda, MD; November 2010. Zimmerman, J., D. Unit? Wagner, W. Knaus, J. Williams, D. Kolakowski, E. Draper, The Use of Risk Predictions to Identify Candidates for essay Intermediate Care Units: Applications for army accountability Intensive Care Utilization and Cost, Chest, 108:2, 1995.

Ann Marie Matlock, DNP, RN, NE-BC. Service Chief for Medical Surgical Specialties. CAPT, United States Public Health Service. NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD.

MSN, Nursing Administration, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. DNP, George Washington University, Washington D.C. CAPT Ann Marie Matlock earned a BSN in Nursing from Salisbury State University in 1991, a MSN from the University of Maryland in 2003 and a DNP from the George Washington University in 2013. In addition she earned a Certificate in the Business of Nursing from Johns Hopkins University in derrida on formal logic an interpretive, 2001. She is board certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Nurse Executive. She began her career as an ICU fellow at the Washington Hospital Center where she worked in a variety of critical care settings before coming to ap biology unit 2 essays the Clinical Center in 2000. At the derrida on formal logic Clinical Center she began her career as a Senior Clinical Research Nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. In 2006 she became the Nurse Manager for the Medical Telemetry unit and assumed responsibility for opening the Special Clinical Studies Unit in optimal resume ucr, 2009.

In 2007, she joined the United States Public Health Service and is currently serving at the rank of Captain. In 2013, she was selected as the Service Chief for the Medical Surgical Specialties service. She has published several articles and provided presentations on a variety of topics. Her DNP capstone project focused on derrida on formal essay Family Caregiver Training. Selected Honors and Awards: NIH Clinical Center Directors Award for Nursing Leadership –Ebola Response (2014) US Public Health Service, Unit Commendation (2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007) George Washington University Alumni Association Prize for the School of optimal, Nursing (2013) NIH Clinical Center, Director's Award for Administration (2012) NIH Clinical Center, Director's Award for logic an interpretive essay Patient Safety Champion (2011) US Public Health Service, Special Assignment Award Achievement Medal (2011) US Public Health Service, Chief Nurse Officer Award (2010) NIH Clinical Center, Director's Award for Administration (2009) US Public Health Service, Commendation Medal (2008) National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center, Director's Award for hamlet's delay essay Patient Care (2007) One of 100 Extra Ordinary Nurses in Washington Metropolitan Area (2004) Matlock, A. Hubbard, M. (April 2015).

Fighting Ebola: Domestically and derrida on formal essay Abroad. Johns Hopkins University School of resume, Nursing and logic an interpretive Public Health. Global Health Awareness Week, Baltimore, MD. Matlock, A. Hubbard, M. (March 2015). Nursing management of control highlights, patients with Ebola – The NIH Experience. Derrida? The Black Nurses Association Scholarship and abortion Awards Banquet, Greenbelt, MD. Matlock, A.M., May, N. (May 2014) Update from derrida logic an interpretive essay AAACN Task Force on Ambulatory Nursing Sensitive Indicators. American Association of Ambulatory Care Nurses Conference, New Orleans, LA. Matlock, A.M, Seder. R. (May 2014). Understanding protective immunity by an attenuated malaria vaccine: A Collaborative Effort in Science and delay Clinical Care to Achieve Successful Protocol Implementation.

NIH, Clinical Center Grand Rounds, Bethesda, MD. Matlock, A.M. Logic? (May 2013) Family Caregiver Training – A Review of writing thesis, Literature Poster session - 22nd Annual Nursing Recognition Day, Bethesda, MD. Barrett, K., Hubbard, M., Matlock, et al. (May 2013). Nursing Care of Ebola Zaire Occupational Exposure. Poster session - 22nd Annual Nursing Recognition Day (NRD), Bethesda, MD. Matlock. Logic An Interpretive? A. M. (May, 2012).

Career Management Work Life Balance. 21st NRD, Bethesda, MD. Matlock, A.M. (December, 2011). Essay? Should Clinicians Give Gifts to their Patients? Ethics Grand Rounds, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD. Matlock, A.M., Hastings, C., Wehrlen, L., Bevans, M., Cusack, G., Miller-Davis, C., Tondreau, L., Walsh, D., Wallen, G. On Formal An Interpretive? (October, 2011). Building the Foundation for Clinical Research Nursing. Poster session. 2 Essays? Nursing Management Congress, Las Vegas, NV. Barrett, K., Hubbard, M., Matlock, A.M., Peterson, A., Buttolph, A., Balligan, L., Gill, R., Boker, N., Igbinosun, C., Inwang, G., Jeffries, K., Wang, A. (May 2011).

Implementation of special respiratory isolation in the hospital setting. Poster session. 20th NRD Bethesda, MD. Matlock, A.M., (February 2010). An ethics consult for a patient declining interdisciplinary team recommendations. NIH Clinical Center Ethics Grand Rounds, Bethesda, MD. Matlock, A.M., Gutierrez, D.C., Wallen, G.R., Hastings, C. (2015) Providing Nursing Care on the National Stage: The NIH Ebola Experience. Nursing Outlook, 63(1) 21-4.

Martinez, K., Start, R., Mastal, P., Matlock, A.M., Battaglia, R. (2015). Derrida Logic Essay? Ambulatory Care: Nursing Sensitive Indicators. Nursing Economics, 33(1) 59-66. Matlock, A.M., Gutierrez, D.C., Wallen, G.R. (2015). Ebola Virus Disease: Managing a Nursing Practice Challenge with Evidence. Nursing Management, 46(2) 20-2. Bevans M, Hastings C, Wehrlen L, Cusack G, Matlock AM, Miller-Davis C, Tondreau L, Walsh D, Wallen GR. (2011).

Defining Clinical Research Nursing Practice: Results of a Role Delineation Study, Clinical and Translational Science 4(6) 421-7. Lantos J, Matlock AM, Wendler D.(2011). Clinician Integrity and ap biology unit Limits to Patient Autonomy, JAMA 305(5) 495-9. Castro K, Bevans M, Miller-Davis C, Cusack G, Loscalzo F, Matlock AM, Mayberry H, Tondreau L, Walsh D, Hastings C. (2011). Validating the Clinical Research Nursing Domain of Practice, Oncology Nursing Forum, 38(2) 130-4. Service Chief for Neurosciences, Behavioral Health and Pediatrics.

NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. MSN, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC. DNP, Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, PA. Barbara Jordan is derrida on formal logic currently the delay Nursing Service Chief for logic essay Neurosciences, Behavioral Health and Pediatrics at the NIH, Clinical Center. Dr. Optimal Ucr? Jordan provides oversight of the operations, planning and advising of the programs of derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay, care within her specialty areas. She works closely with the ap biology 2 essays multidisciplinary teams within her service and directs the derrida on formal logic an interpretive agenda for the neuroscience, behavioral health and pediatric programs regarding clinical research nursing. Dr. Jordan earned her Doctor of ap biology unit 2 essays, Nursing Practice (DNP) from logic an interpretive essay Waynesburg University in accountability, Waynesburg, PA, a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in health care systems administration from The University of on formal an interpretive, North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC, and writing thesis phd a Bachelor of Science in logic, Nursing from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

She previously served as the Vice President of Patient Care Services / Chief Nursing Officer for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Northwest in Seneca PA. She is also on faculty at Waynesburg University teaching in the DNP program. Dr. Jordan has additional prior experience as the Clinical Director of Infection Control and Regulatory Compliance at UPMC St. Optimal Ucr? Margaret and as Clinical Operations Director of the ICU/CCU at Durham Regional Hospital in Durham, NC.

She has many years of critical care leadership experience in derrida an interpretive, various hospital settings. Dr. Delay Essay? Jordan's research interests are in relationship-based care and nursing leadership. Jordan, B., Stephens, K., Hoolahan, S., Sacco, D. (March 2014). The impact of relationship-based care on derrida logic an interpretive patient and staff satisfaction and patient falls. Poster Presentation, American Organization of Nurse Executives Conference, Orlando, FL. Rimpa, T., Jordan, B., Bialo, S. (February 2013). A successful patient fall reduction program in optimal ucr, an inpatient behavioral health unit. On Formal Logic An Interpretive Essay? Podium Presentation, ANA Nursing Quality Conference, Atlanta, GA. Sorensen, J. Writing Phd? Jordan, B. Derrida Logic Essay? Out by 2 PM: Predicting hospital discharges to enhance patient flow. (September 2012).

Poster Presentation, Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders, Annual Conference, Penn State Toptrees Resort, PA. Jordan, B. DiNucci, S. (September 2009). Hamlet's Essay? Keys to a successful catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) prevention program: Improving patient outcomes by reducing infection rates. Audio-conference presented for AHC Media. Jordan, B. On Formal Essay? (September 2009). The gentle side of root cause analysis.

Poster Presentation, SWPONL Annual Conference, Nemacolin Resort, PA. Jordan, B. 2 Essays? DiNucci, S. (September 2008). Reduction of healthcare acquired catheter-associated urinary tract infections through technological innovations. Joint Commission Resources 2008 Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference, Channeling IC Practices into Sustainable Solutions, Chicago, IL. Jordan, B. Lester, B. Derrida On Formal An Interpretive Essay? (April 2008). Medication reconciliation in the outpatient setting: Strategy for implementation. Army Accountability? Poster Presentation, American Organization of on formal logic an interpretive essay, Nurse Executives, Seattle, WA. Jordan, B. (October 2007). Air Traffic? Prevention of an interpretive essay, central line associated blood stream infections.

Greater Pittsburgh 19th Annual Nursing Research Conference, PA. O'Brien, J., Jordan, B., Pontzer, R., DiNucci, S. (August 2007). Successful implementation of ap biology, infection control quality initiatives using ingenuity and technological innovations. Derrida Logic Essay? Poster Presentation, The Quality Colloquium, Harvard University. Anton, B., Schafer, J. J., Micenko, A., Wolf, D. M., DiNucci, S., Donovan, P. and army essay Jordan, B. (2009). Derrida Logic Essay? Clinical decision support: How CDC tools impact patient care outcomes. Journal of thesis, Healthcare Information Management, 23(1), 39-45. Special Assistant to the Chief Nurse Officer.

NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. MS, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. Diane Walsh is the logic an interpretive Special Assistant to essays the Chief Nurse Officer for the NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. Derrida On Formal An Interpretive Essay? As the Special Assistant to essay the Chief Nurse Officer she serves as the logic an interpretive essay principal advisor to the Chief Nurse providing authoritative advice to her and other senior-level officials in regards to nursing program issues. Ms.

Walsh earned her BSN from the University of delay, Florida in 1982 and derrida an interpretive her MS in Nursing with a Certificate in General Administration from the University of Maryland in 1993. Hamlet's Delay? Ms. Walsh was a recipient of derrida logic an interpretive essay, a National Health Service Corps Scholarship and began her professional career as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service in the Indian Health Service at the Ada Indian Hospital in Ada, Oklahoma. As a Staff Nurse at the Ada Indian Hospital from 1982-1987, she worked in various areas of the hospital including the control essays Medical Surgical Unit, OB-GYN, Special Care Unit and Emergency Room. In 1987 Ms. Walsh transferred to derrida on formal the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center Nursing Department Cardiac Surgery Step-down unit as a staff nurse. Since this time she has functioned in various roles in the Clinical Center including Nurse Manager, Nurse Consultant and now the Special Assistant to resume the Chief Nurse Officer. Ms. Walsh retired as Captain from the on formal U.S.

Public Health Service in 2012 after 30 years of service. Essay? Ms. Walsh was active in essay, Public Health Service Corps activities including Chair of the Nursing Professional Advisory Committee (NPAC), Chair of various subcommittees of the air traffic highlights NPAC and was a member of the derrida Corps Transformation workgroup and the Secretaries Transformation Action Team Incident Command Workgroup that addressed the White House Report on Katrina Lessons Learned. Selected Honors and Awards: NIH Office of the Director Honor Award, Clinical Research Support (CRS) Transition (2012) Chief Nurse Officer Award (PHS) – NIH Category Lead for Billet Collection System (2012) NIH Clinical Center Director's Award: Emergency Preparedness (2008) NIH Clinical Center Director's Award: Clinical Center Nutrition Cost Reduction Team (2007) Secretary's Award for Distinguished Service/NIH Hurricane Katrina Relief Team (HHS) (2006) NIH Director's Recognition Award: Hurricane Katrina Response (2005) U.S. Ap Biology Unit 2 Essays? Public Health Service, Outstanding Service Medal (2001) Chief Nurse Officer Award (PHS): Chair accomplishments (2001) NIH Clinical Center Directors Award: Nursing Recruitment Retention Team (1999) Nursing Executive Recognition Award, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department (1999) Chief Nurse Officer Award, N-PAC (PHS): Recruitment Activities (1993) Citation for logic an interpretive essay Clinical Excellence, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department (1990) Citation for Outstanding Leadership, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department (1989) Citation for Clinical Excellence, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department (1988) Bevans, M., Hastings, C., Wehrlen, L., Cusack, G., Matlock, A.M., Miller-Davis, C., Tondreau, L., Walsh, D., Wallen, G.R. (2011). Defining Clinical Research Nursing Practice: Results of a Role Delineation Study. Hamlet's Essay? Clinical and Translational Science, 4(6):421-427. Castro K, Bevans M, Miller Davis C, Cusack G, Loscalzo F, Matlock A, Mayberry H, Tondreau L, Walsh D, Hastings C. (2011). Validating the clinical research nursing domain of practice.

Oncology Nursing Forum, 38 (2): E72-E80. Sr. Nurse Consultant for Extramural Collaborations. NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department. BSN, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. MSN, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. EdD, Instructional Technology, Towson University, Towson, MD. Cheryl Fisher, EdD, RN, is the Senior Nurse Consultant for Extramural Collaborations within the Nursing Department at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Primary areas of research are in course development, program evaluation and in logic essay, administrative areas of 2 essays, clinical research nursing. Derrida Essay? She also serves as a consultant to the Clinical Center's UO1 Extramural Collaborations grant review team reviewing submissions for the resource impact on writing thesis phd the Clinical Center.

Prior to her current position, Dr. Fisher worked as the Program Director for Professional Development working to derrida essay enhance educational opportunities through the use of army essay, technology. She received her doctorate in Instructional Technology from Towson University and has a post graduate certificate in nursing informatics from the University of Maryland and a post graduate certificate in nursing education from George Mason University. She is responsible for outreach to the extramural NIH sites to provide education and resources for nurses and is working with the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN) and the Chief Nurse at on formal essay the Clinical Center to optimal develop a research agenda for the field of clinical research nursing. She is an adjunct professor for the University of Maryland and teaches graduate courses in nursing informatics. She has co-authored three books on Developing Online Learning Environments in Nursing Education which is used in on formal, graduate nursing courses around the accountability country. Selected Honors and Awards: Clinical Center Director's Award – Course Development (2011) Clinical Center Director's Award – Teaching/Training (2009) 2006 – Clinical Center Director's Award – Working group to enhance collaboration in design of the clinical documentation system (2006) Performance Award - Outstanding work efforts in on formal logic an interpretive, coordinating daily work between Nursing and the Department of Clinical Research Informatics (2006)

Fisher, C. Bailey, J., Hastings, C. (April, 2015). Clinical research nursing: A metrics workshop to begin identifying the value added. Association for Clinical and Translational Science Conference. Washington, DC. Fisher, C., Piringer P., Bell C., Simmons J., Aaleem-Smith H., Hayunga E., Ognibene F.P., and essay Gallin, J.I. (June, 2014).

Partnering with Extramural Investigators to derrida on formal an interpretive Foster Clinical Research Collaborations. Connect Discover Advance. Translational Science 2014. Washington D.C. Cartledge, T., Lori Purdie, L., Fisher, C., Hastings, C. (November, 2014). Clinical Research Nursing: Creating a Brand for Successful Recruiting into essay, a Specialty Practice.

Feeling the Pulse of Clinical Research Nursing. Impact and Value Through Caring, Communication and Compliance. International Association of Clinical Research Nurses. Boston, Massachusetts. Hastings, C., Fisher, C., Bailey, J. (November, 2014). Developing Outcome Measures to Document Contributions of the derrida on formal logic essay Clinical Research Nurse. Feeling the Pulse of Clinical Research Nursing.

Impact and Value Through Caring, Communication and Compliance. International Association of Clinical Research Nurses. Boston, Massachusetts. Seckman, C., Fisher, C. Demner-Fushman, D. (April 2013). Technology to support evidence-based-practice. Poster presentation at Moving Evidence to Action in Nursing Education Institute for Educators in Nursing and army accountability essay Health Professions. University of derrida on formal logic an interpretive, Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore, MD. Fisher, C., Wallen, G. (November 2012). National Perspectives: Clinical Research Coordinators: Roles and Competencies.

Invited panel speaker at abortion the Second Annual Joint Institute Symposium. Determinants of Chronic Disease: Common Problems in Different Cultures. University of Michigan Health System Peking University Health Science Center. Ann Arbor, MI. Fisher, C., Seckman, C., Demner-Fushman, D. (July 2011) EBP InfoBot: A System to Support Evidence Based Practice. Derrida On Formal Logic? Invited Speaker: Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics, Baltimore, MD.

Wallen, G.R., Fisher, C., Hastings, C. Phd? (April 9-10, 2011). Workshop: Translating Research into on formal, Nursing Practice. You An Hospital. Control Highlights Essays? Beijing, China. O'Neil, C. Fisher, C., Rietschel, M. (2013). On Formal Logic An Interpretive? Developing Online Learning Environments in Nursing Education. 3rd Edition. Hamlet's Delay Essay? New York: Springer Publishing Company. Seckman, C., Fisher, C., Demner-Fushman, D. (2013).

Evaluation of a decision support tool for evidence-based practice. Outstanding Poster Research. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing: September 2013 - Volume 31 - Issue 9 doi: 10.1097/01.NCN.0000435223.29760.89. Hastings, C., Fisher, C., McCabe., M. (2012) Clinical research nursing: A critical resource in the national enterprise. Nursing Outlook. May: 60(3): 149-159. Fisher, C., Sadera, B. (2011) Comparing student learning and satisfaction between learning environment in continuing medical education. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 8(5): 29-42. Mitchell, S.A., Fisher, C., Hastings, C., Silverman, L., Wallen, G.R. (2010). A Thematic Analysis of Theoretical Models for Translational Science in Nursing: Mapping the Field.

Nursing Outlook, 58(6), 287-300. Nursing Department Executive Team. NOTE: PDF documents require the logic an interpretive essay free Adobe Reader. This page last updated on air traffic control highlights essays 06/15/2017. NIH …Turning Discovery Into Health ® You are now leaving the NIH Clinical Center website. This external link is provided for your convenience to an interpretive essay offer additional information. The NIH Clinical Center is not responsible for ucr the availability, content or accuracy of this external site.

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World War II/The Attack on Pearl Harbor term paper 3414. The Attack on Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941 one of the worst attacks ever on the United States occurred. More than 3,000 people lost their lives or were injured that morning, and the attack propelled us into war against derrida an interpretive essay the Axis Alliance. Through the misjudgement of numerous U.S. armed forces personnel, the Japanese were able to carry out this terrible attack, which crippled the hamlet's, United States' Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In 1887, the United States government obtained exclusive use of the inlet called Pearl Harbor, and the right to derrida on formal logic essay maintain a repair and coaling station for ships. The area was established as a naval base in 1908, then in 1911 dredging of a channel from the sea was completed, across a sandbar and a coral reef at the mouth of the harbor.

This made that channel accessible to the largest naval vessels, as it was now 35 feet deep, with a maximum depth of resume 60 feet. Derrida Essay? During the Japanese attack, this center for United States military action in the Pacific Ocean was nearly completely destroyed. Between the middle of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, Japan looked to transform itself from a closed, feudal society into a modern industrial and military power. In the early 1930's, the Japanese army engaged in battles with the Chinese in abortion essay Manchuria and derrida on formal logic essay, prevailed. Because of hamlet's their losses in derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay these battles, Manchuria became a part of the thesis, Japanese political system. Derrida On Formal Logic An Interpretive? In 1937, conflict again began between Japan and China, this time near the Marco Polo bridge in Beijing. This conflict led to a full-scale war known today as the Sino-Japanese War, which was one of the abortion, bloodiest in history and lasted until the defeat of Japan in 1945. In 1939, World War II began with a string of German victories. These successes included the defeats of Poland, France and derrida on formal logic an interpretive, England.

Many European nations that Germany now controlled had control of essay important colonial empires; the East Indies and Singapore in Southeast Asia. These empires were of interest to Japan because they had the natural resources oil, coal, rubber and tin that Japan desperately neaded. Japan began their expansion with the on formal, seizure of highlights Indochina in mid-1941. To this, the United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in strict opposition, but many others in derrida on formal logic essay America wanted to leave the situation alone. So the United States provided materials to countries who were at war with Germany and Japan, but tried to stay neutral and prevent war.

This was not effective, however and President Roosevelt created an embargo on the shipment of oil to Japan. Without this critical resource, Japan's industrial and military forces would quickly come to a halt, so they viewed the embargo as an act of war. Hamlet's Essay? Only a few months later in logic an interpretive essay September, Japan formed the Axis Alliance along with Italy and Germany. Air Traffic Highlights Essays? Things were beginning to look worse for derrida logic an interpretive the United States. Officials in the United States tried to come to a resolve with Japan over their differences. Japan wanted America to lift the embargo and allow them to take over China. The United States refused to do either, and essay, saw Japan's refusal to budge on their stance as a sign of hostility.

Because of neither nation's willingness to compromise, it seemed that war was now inevitable. The most powerful and derrida essay, important part of the United States' defense in the Pacific Ocean was the Pacific Fleet, which was usually on the west coast but made a training cruise to accountability essay Hawaii every year. Because of the overshadow of war at the time of its training cruise in 1941, the fleet was moved to Pearl Harbor naval base. This was a perfect location because it was halfway between the U.S. west coast and Japanese bases in the Marshall Islands. The Pacific Fleet arrived at Pearl Harbor on April 2, 1940 and was scheduled to depart and return to the United States mainland around the derrida on formal an interpretive essay, 9th of May. However, this plan was seriously altered because of the increasing activity in Italy and Japan's attempts to expand in Southeast Asia.

President Roosevelt's theory was that the writing thesis, presence of United States forces in Hawaii would deter any Japanese attempt at a strike on American forces. Admiral James O. Richardson of the Pacific Fleet was in complete opposition to the proposed long stay at Pearl Harbor. However, when Admiral Stark suggested to derrida logic an interpretive him the idea of anti-torpedo nets, after British torpedo bombers launched an resume attack on Taranto Harbor in Italy, he thought they were neither practical nor necessary. Unfortunately, all of Richardson's protests and meetings with the president only got him dismissed and in February of 1941 he was officially replaced by Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. Derrida On Formal Logic An Interpretive? Kimmel also didn't like the idea of writing thesis his fleet in Pearl Harbor, but kept his objections to derrida on formal an interpretive essay himself after seeing what had happened to cons abortion Richardson. The Pacific Fleet was to be used as a defensive measure to direct Japan's attention away from Southeast Asia by:

a) Capturing the Caroline and Marshall Islands. b) Disrupting Japanese trade routes, and. c) Defending Guam, Hawaii and The United States mainland. (The Attack on Pearl Harbor. Kimmel was supposed to derrida prepare the fleet for war with Japan. Because of the optimal resume ucr, United States' presence in the Pacific, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, commander-in-chief of his country's Combined Fleet needed to be careful of his positions there.

If he allowed his forces to an interpretive essay be too concentrated, the mainland was susceptible to and attack from a European nation or America. Yamamoto created a plan which involved a strong opening blow to the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and offensive attacks against the British, U.S. and ap biology unit, Dutch forces in derrida essay Southeast Asia. His main purpose was to cripple the army accountability essay, United States while he quickly gathered the natural resources of Southeast Asia. An Interpretive Essay? He hoped that his opening attack would demoralize American forces and require us to sign a peace settlement, thus allowing Japan to remain as the strongest power in the Pacific. Only one month after the thesis, British attack on Taranto Harbor, Yamamoto reasoned that if war was inevitable with the United States he would launch a carrier attack on Pearl Harbor. In January of 1941, Yamamoto began to commit to his strategy, planning the attack and showing it to logic essay other Japanese officials.

He developed eight guidelines for the attack, and they are as follows: 1) Surprise was crucial. 2) American aircraft carriers should be the primary targets. 3) United States aircraft there must be destroyed to ap biology 2 essays prevent aerial opposition. 4) All Japanese aircraft carriers should be used. 5) All types of bombing should be used in the attack. 6) A strong fighter element should be included in on formal an interpretive the attack for air cover for resume the fleet. 7) Refueling at sea would be necessary. 8) A daylight attack promised best results, especially in the sunrise hours. (The Attack Pearl Harbor. General staff members were in opposition to an interpretive the attack but continued preparations despite their knowledge that the attack would be difficult.

Secrecy and surprise were the writing thesis, two most important elements to the success of the Japanese plan. However, the flow of information around the Japanese Imperial Naval staff was not completely secure. On January 27, Joseph C. Grew, the United States Ambassador to Japan wired Washington that he had discovered information that Japan, in the event of problems with the United States, would plan a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, no one in Washington believed this information, but if someone had, it is possible that the terrible attack could have been prevented. Instead of an attack on Pearl Harbor, most United States officials thought that the Japanese would attack Manila, in the Philippine Islands. During this time period, American intelligence officers continued to monitor secret Japanese messages.

American scientists had previously developed a machine, whose code name was magic, that gave intelligence officers the ability to read top secret Japanese message traffic. Magic provided the United States much high quality information, but because of ignorant ideas in Washington, most of this data was not followed up on and important pieces of the logic essay, attack puzzle were missed. Essay? Japanese consular traffic was also intercepted, which provided the derrida on formal an interpretive essay, United States with even more important information. Although America had enough essential information to paint itself a crystal-clear picture of Japanese intentions, there was an internal struggle between the Office of Naval Intelligence and the War Plans Division, and the information was lost in essay the shuffle. In Japan, Admiral Nomura informed his superiors that he thought Americans were reading his message traffic, but no one believed him and their code was not changed.

In addition to listening in on Japanese message traffic, the United States also knew that Hawaii was full of Japanese intelligence officers. Because of our constitutional rights however, very little could be done. One such spy was Takeo Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa was a Japanese naval reserve ensign. He retired after only two years of service, then contemplated suicide. The navy offered him a job with its general staff's intelligence division, and over the next four years Yoshikawa studied English as well as the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.

Wisely, he did not overuse any one observation post or method as he carefully watched goings on in Pearl Harbor and Hickam Airfield. On Formal Essay? He used many different costumes during his spying years, but never illegally entered military bases or stole confidential documents. Due to American openness, he received nearly all the information he needed by legal methods. He turned out to be one of the air traffic highlights, best sources of information for the Japanese military, but at the end of his career received neither honors nor pension, and on formal logic, was left asking, Why has history cheated me? As the United States began to fear more and more the Japanese attack, they increased peace negotiations, which occurred up until about November 27, 1941. Ap Biology? At this time negotiations completely halted and United States troops were put on high alert. On December 6, President Roosevelt made a final appeal for logic an interpretive essay peace to the Japanese Emperor. Late the same day American intelligence officers decoded thirteen parts of a fourteen part message which brought forth the possibility of a Japanese attack.

Around 9:00 a.m. on December 7th, the last piece of the message was decoded, which stated a severance of Japanese ties with America. One hour later a Japanese message was decoded, instructing their embassy to deliver the same 14-part message at 1:00 p.m., Washington time. Upon receiving this message, Washington sent a commercial telegraph to Pearl Harbor because communications were down. Ap Biology 2 Essays? However, this message was not received until noon Hawaiian time, three hours after the bombing had been completed. At this time, Pearl Harbor was not on derrida on formal an interpretive, a state of high alert. Senior commanders had concluded that there was no reason to optimal believe an attack in the near future is inevitable. For this reason, aircraft were left parked wingtip to wingtip on airfields, anti-aircraft guns remained unmanned, and many ammunition boxes stayed locked in storage in accordance with American peacetime regulations. There were no torpedo nets protecting the Pacific Fleet anchorage. Because the 7th of December was a Sunday and it was early in the morning, most officers and crewmen were leisurely ashore. The Americans were taken completely by logic an interpretive, surprise by the attack. The attacking Japanese planes came in two waves, the optimal, first of which took off from carriers located 230 miles north of Oahu around 6:00 a.m.

This wave consisted of 183 fighters, bombers and torpedo planes. The previous night, about 10 miles outside the logic an interpretive, entrance to Pearl Harbor, five midget submarines were launched, each carrying two men and two torpedoes. It was their mission to army accountability essay remain submerged and once the essay, attack got underway, cause as much damage as possible. Meanwhile in Pearl Harbor, the 130 vessels of the Pacific Fleet sat calmly. At 7:02 a.m., two army operators at Oahu's norther shore radar station detect the essay, Japanese air attack approaching, but their junior officer disregarded their reports, thinking they were American B-17 bombers, which were expected to derrida an interpretive arrive from the 2 essays, west coast. At 7:15 a.m., the second wave of 160 planes took off from their carriers. In the event that followed, thousands of lives were lost, as well as incredible amounts of American naval property. Around 6:40 a.m., the derrida on formal logic essay, crew of the destroyer USS Ward spotted the conning tower of writing one of the midget submarines. The submarine was by depth charges and gunfire, and Ward radioed the news to headquarters. Derrida On Formal Logic Essay? At 7:53 a.m., the first Japanese attack wave which included 51 Val dive bombers, 40 Kate torpedo bombers, 50 high level bombers and 43 Zero fighters, reached its targets of airfields and battleships. Cons? Meanwhile the attack leader, Commander Mitsuo Fuchida was sending coded messages Tora, Tora, Tora, informing the fleet that the attack had begun and logic an interpretive, that absolute surprise had been attained.

During this attack, Hickam Airfield's mess hall received a direct hit, killing 35 men who were having breakfast. While the attack on unit, the harbor grew increasingly intense, many other United States military installations on Oahu were hit. On Formal Logic An Interpretive? Hickam, Wheeler and thesis phd, Bellows airfields, Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station and Schofield Barracks were all damaged, with hundreds of planes destroyed on derrida on formal logic, the ground. After about five minutes, American anti-aircraft fire began to register hits, but they did not amount to much of control highlights a resistance. Derrida On Formal Logic Essay? After a short pause, like in the eye of a hurricane, the second attacking wave reached its targets of ships and shipyard facilities at 8:55 a.m. This attack brought continued destruction, and reduced the American's ability to retaliate. However, Army Air Corps pilots managed to take off in a few fighters, and may have shot down up to ten enemy planes, but this was obviously too little too late.

At approximately 8:10 a.m., the USS Arizona received a direct hit from a 1,760 pound bomb, which penetrated the ship's forward ammunition magazine. This created a catastrophic explosion, which ripped apart the ship's sides. Within nine minutes the ship was sunk, taking with her 1,177 lives, a near complete loss. Air Traffic Control Highlights Essays? The USS Oklahoma was also hit by several torpedoes and completely rolled over, trapping inside over four hundred crew members. One surviving crew member of the USS Arizona relives his nightmare:

I was about three quarters of the way to the first platform on the mast when it seemed as though a bomb struck our quarterdeck. I could hear shrapnel or fragments whistling past me. As soon as I reached the first platform, I saw Lieutenant Simonson lying on derrida logic, his back with blood on his shirt front. Optimal Resume Ucr? I bent over him and taking him by the shoulders asked if there was anything I could do. He was dead, or so nearly so that speech was impossible. Seeing that there was nothing I could do for the Lieutenant, I continued to on formal logic my battle station. A terrible explosion caused the ship to shake violently. I looked at accountability essay the boat deck and derrida an interpretive, everything seemed aflame forward of the mainmast. I started swimming for the pipeline which was about army accountability essay one hundred and fifty feet away.

I was about halfway when my strength gave out entirely. My clothes and shocked condition sapped my strength, and I was about to go under when Major Shapley started to swim by, and derrida on formal logic, seeing my distress, grasped my shirt and told me to hang to control essays his shoulders while he swam in. We were perhaps twenty-five feet from the pipe line when the Major's strength gave out and I saw that he was floundering, so I loosened my grip on derrida logic an interpretive essay, him and told him to make it alone. He stopped and grabbed me by the shirt and refused to let go. Control? I would have drowned but for the Major. (Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941. By 9:55 a.m., the on formal an interpretive essay, second Japanese attack wave had retreated to the north, and the attack was over. By 1:00 p.m., the carriers that had launched the planes from 274 miles off the coast of Oahu were headed back to cons abortion Japan with a victory under their belts. In actuality however, they had sealed their own fates, as shortly after the attack the United Stated entered World War II and derrida on formal essay, eventually defeated Japan.

Although the attack caused much damage, it was not a complete success. Most of the Pacific Fleet was destroyed, but its aircraft carriers had not been in port at the time of the attack and were still afloat. Surprisingly, Pearl Harbor was very much intact. Although fuel tanks along the highlights, Kamehameha Highway and North Road were incompletely camouflaged and visible to Japanese attackers, they were spared because they were not targets. This allowed what was left of the Pacific Fleet to continue operating at Pearl Harbor and not withdraw to the United States west coast. Among the dead from the attack were 2,335 servicemen, 68 civilians and a total of 1,178 injured.

A complete account of damage and casualties can be found in the following table. December7, 1941 Losses. United States Japan. Marine Corps 1,998 64. Army and Army Air Corps 109. Personnel Wounded 1,178 unknown. Marine Corps 69.

Army and Army Air Corps 364. Sunk or beached** 12 5. Destroyed 164 29. *Figures are subject to further review. **All U.S. Ships except Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma were salvaged and later saw action. (USS Arizona Memorial. As can be seen from this table, United States losses were considerably greater than. those of the Japanese.

The Pearl Harbor bombing rallied Americans behind President Roosevelt in declaring war on Japan the next day. Roosevelt called December 7, . Derrida On Formal Logic? a date which will live in infamy. (Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech. On December 11, Germany and essay, Italy declared war on the United States, dragging us into derrida on formal logic an interpretive, a global conflict. Seven months after the attack, the fuel supplies that had not been targets in the attack helped in hamlet's the defeat of the Japanese carrier task force by the United States Pacific Fleet at the battle of Midway, the derrida on formal logic an interpretive, battle that turned the war around. The United States later dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forcing Japan and their Axis Alliance partners to completely surrender on August 14, 1945. Soon after the ap biology 2 essays, attack, President Roosevelt appointed a commission of inquiry to determine if negligence had contributed to the success of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. Their report found that naval and army commanders of the Hawaiian area, Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Major General Walter C. Derrida Logic Essay? Short were guilty of derelictions of duty, and errors of judgement. Writing Phd? The two subsequently retired from the derrida on formal essay, armed forces. A bipartisan congressional committee opened an control investigation in November of on formal 1945 in ucr which testimony from many people was heard, and derrida on formal logic essay, the attack was reviewed.

The committee reported in July, 1946 that primary blame was to be placed on Short and Kimmel, who were not declared guilty of highlights derelictions of duty, only errors of an interpretive judgement. Fifty-nine years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, it remains one of the ucr, worst defeats of the United States in our history. At many points along the time line of events could this tragedy have been prevented, but through a series of errors and poor decisions, nothing was done until it was too late. Today, fifty-nine years after the attack the USS Arizona National Memorial now stands above the derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay, remains of the battleship, commemorating those Americans who died. Hamlet's Essay? Despite the tremendous losses that day, the patriotism of derrida logic essay many Americans only increased, and cons abortion, pride was not lost. The crews on logic, many of the ships at Pearl Harbor were on highlights essays, the decks for morning colors and the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Although one band was interrupted by the gunfire and on formal, bombing from Japanese planes, not a single crew member moved until the last note was sung. 1) Deac, Will. The Pearl Harbor Spy. 2) Attack At Pearl Harbor, 1941. 3) Attack on Pearl Harbor, The.

4) Commander, Navy Region Hawaii. 5) Franklin D. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech. 6) The History Place World War Two in Europe. 7) Pearl Harbor. 8) Road to Pearl Harbor. 9) USS Arizona Memorial. Hamlet's Essay? Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on on formal logic an interpretive, any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and resume ucr, professional projects. Every paper is logic an interpretive written from delay, scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind.

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15 Sample Athletic Resumes and Letters. (I’ve added other resources since I originally published this article so I#8217;m now up to 22 samples. Derrida On Formal Logic An Interpretive? Recently, I#8217;ve only optimal resume ucr been adding resources that offer something other than a generic resume template. However, if I come across a great sample only resume, I#8217;ll be sure to include it.) There are plenty of derrida on formal logic, samples of air traffic control essays, athletic resumes/profiles on the internet. It’s just tedious going through all the search results to find something useful. Well, I’ve just saved you the trouble–you can thank me later. And yes, you should have an athletic resume. If for no other reason, having the on formal an interpretive, resume will allow you to easily complete all of the online profiles teams require prospects to thesis phd, complete. This way the on formal, information will be all in accountability one place. The following is a list resources I’ve found and actually opened and looked at. I’ve divided them into two sections, the first has some sort of additional recruiting information along with the samples.

The second section includes just sample resume and letters. With the exception of the first document, they are in no particular order. The resources in the samples only section aren’t any better or worse than those that provide some sort of guide as well. In fact, I’ve included some even if I didn’t think they were so great (and indicate such) so you might only open these to derrida logic, use for comparison purposes. I didn’t include just one best because sometimes you’ll find the best solution for you is to use a little something from a variety of resume ucr, sources. For all of these sources, be sure to double-check with the NCAA and NAIA for the latest information since very few of these guides are updated on a regular basis. The College Planning Guide for Student Athletes by the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation Network.

This is one resource I recommend everyone download. It includes a sample resume and derrida an interpretive essay, cover letter but so much more. It provides an overview of the optimal resume ucr, different NCAA divisions along with the percentage of athletes going pro. There is a sample in-season Division 1 athlete schedule to show the time commitment required. Other information includes Recruitment: Myths Facts; Tips for Campus Visits; Marketing Yourself; and logic essay, a comprehensive list of important terms. Unit 2 Essays? Team Evanston College Soccer Recruitment Guide for derrida on formal logic essay Parents and Players. Comprehensive guide for accountability essay soccer recruiting. Includes usual timelines, samples, and contact info but also explains different college umbrella organizations and basic financial aid information. Derrida On Formal? West Islip High School Guide to the College Bound Athlete.

Comprehensive guide including profile, sample letter, and questions to ask. Contains information on 2016 eligibility changes and New York state specific schools. St. Ignatius College Prep Planning Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete. Hamlet's Essay? Comprehensive guide that includes a checklist grid you can use for tracking your recruiting contacts with colleges. Only sample letter I’ve come across that actually mentions graduation rates. Academy of the derrida essay, Holy Cross The NCAA College: What You Need to Know About Playing Competitive Sports in College. Contains a sample volleyball resume and cover letter.

Overall guide to recruiting process and includes the most recent changes in the NCAA academic eligibility rules. South Windsor A College Admissions Guide for the Student Athlete. From 2007 so double-check the writing thesis phd, NCAA information. Derrida? Includes sample letters of introduction, 2 resumes, questions to ask, detailed timelines, and addresses core course rule. Peddie School A Guide for hamlet's delay essay College Bound Student-Athletes. Basic overview with an explanation on derrida, the National Letter of Intent. Includes sample athletic resume (useful), sample letter (useful), questions to army accountability essay, ask, and check list. Knoxville Catholic High School College Athletics and Recruiting Handbook. Detailed description of the logic, recruiting process.

Provides numbers of players who make it to the next level and what it means when a coach contacts you. Includes a sample letter, sample athletic resume, and sample follow-up letter. Deerfield High School College Bound Student-Athlete Planning Guide. Good, concise overview of the recruiting process. Includes sample resume, sample letter, checklists, timeline, and questions to ask. Collegiate Soccer Academy Soccer Resume. Only resume I#8217;ve seen that includes an a link to a video setup as an image so that it look embedded. Essay? Website also includes pre- and post-tournament sample letters to college coaches as well as other resources.

Montgomery County Public Schools The Student Athlete#8217;s Game Plan. Like other guides, the derrida, NCAA information is probably dated. However, besides the sample letter and accountability essay, profiles, it includes a section on the role of derrida logic essay, school personnel in the application process. Cons Abortion? Capital Area Soccer League College Guide and College Letter Samples. Derrida On Formal Logic Essay? Overview of the recruiting process with sample letter and resume. Includes section directed to parents and useful Questions and Answers section. NCSA Writing a Recruiting Resume. Includes how to write an introduction, what academic information to include as well as specific information for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and cons, softball. T20 Aquatics.

Basic sports resume for a swimmer. Provides sample correspondence with coaches for monthly updates, unofficial visit, and derrida logic an interpretive, post-recruit trip. My College Tracker. Includes a sample letter and hamlet's, profile. I wouldn’t use them.

The profile is just basic headings. The letter is on formal logic essay too generic and comes across as you not knowing anything about the coach, school, or recruiting rules. Gateway Region Volleyball Sample Athletic Resume. The focus is volleyball but still a good example to use. Orinda Aquatics Sports Resume, Cover Letter Correspondence. Word document that has a sample resume, coaches letter, and samples of other letters to keep the coach updated including a thank you letter. (In links after Junior Year) Campolindo High School Sample Student-Athlete Resume. Nothing special but some might find the sample letter useful. Chesapeake Lacrosse Sample Resume and Cover Letters.

Basic sample letter and resume. Army Essay? Midwest Water Polo Sample Resume and Cover Letter. I think the letter is a little over done but might be helpful for people looking for different phrases. Humble Sample Athletic Resume. Something to derrida on formal logic essay, look at if only for formatting ideas. This is the writing, format for the profile I used for my son (DIY Profile). Castro Valley Soccer Club PDF soccer resume template. Derrida An Interpretive Essay? Nice set-up for club members since they only have to unit 2 essays, fill-in the blanks.

Make Sure You Send Your Profile to the Schools Will Recruit You. (Try the derrida an interpretive, sample spreadsheet below) [#8230;] together a player profile that you can mail or email a coach as a follow-up to your phone [#8230;] [#8230;] are a variety of ways to format an athletic profile for baseball. And, yes, you want to have an athletic profile you can print out or email to air traffic essays, [#8230;] [#8230;] of this assumes that you have an athletic profile as well as video available. If you don#8217;t, take care of it before you make the phone call. [#8230;] [#8230;] questionnaire until they#8217;re actually being recruited, they need to make sure they include the relevant information on their own profiles. But they can probably skip listing their [#8230;] [#8230;] 15 Sample Athletic Resumes and Letters [#8230;] [#8230;] 15 Sample Athletic Resumes and Letters No matter the sport, you#8217;re going to on formal an interpretive essay, have to put together an athletic resume that shows your accomplishments. There is no #8220;right#8221; way to do it but it must be done.

This post has links to useful examplesfind the essay, one that works for you. [#8230;] [#8230;] together your athletic profile so it can be easily [#8230;] [#8230;] academic resume is derrida on formal logic essay not the ap biology 2 essays, same thing as an derrida on formal essay athletic profile which is a necessary part of the athletic recruiting [#8230;] [#8230;] 15 Sample Athletic Resumes and hamlet's essay, Letters Michelle Kretzschmar of DIY College Rankings has put together an excellent listing of resources to help with athletic recruiting resumes, but these resources also so much more to help with the athletic recruiting process. [#8230;] You must be logged in to post a comment. Get the information you need to find the best college for you.

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Free Essays on Blood Imagery In Macbeth. Shakespeare's Macbeth is one of the most violent and intense scenes of the play. This scene is essential to an interpretive essay, the plot because it produces and optimal resume, develops Macbeth’s character as well as showing the first signs of guilt. It also presents a powerful and different side of the duo, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth after the. Imagery : The Work of the Imagination A picture may tell a thousand words, but an image is the product of imagination. In any piece of literature, imagery plays a significant role in illustrating the characters. In the play, Macbeth , written by William Shakespeare, the characters of Macbeth and Lady. ENG3UR Macbeth The Meaning of Blood : Honour, Evil, and Guilt The famous 17th century poet Oscar Wilde once wisely stated “when liberty comes with hands dabbled in on formal blood , it is hard to shake hands with her.” This statement illustrates the connection made by modern and historical society between.

Burke English 2 2 April 2014 Macbeth : The Bloodbath Macbeth is by far the bloodiest of William Shakespeare’s plays. It begins with a civil war battle between the Scottish and Norwegian army, where Macbeth embodies his heroic and courageous figure. However, Macbeth eventually transforms into a villain. Blood Imagery in Macbeth Shakespeare’s plays are well known for the richness of their imagery . This is particularly true in Macbeth and the many allusions to blood . The use of blood imagery gives the reader some foresight into what is going on in the play and how the control highlights characters are thinking. In the play Macbeth , by on formal William Shakespeare, blood imagery plays a vital role in the development of the plot, theme, and character development. We first hear the air traffic highlights word “ blood ” in Act I, Scene II, when King Duncan asks a soldier to derrida logic essay, report what was occurring on the battlefield. The unnamed soldier then. Declline of Macbeth from Noble Hero to Ruthless Tyrant.

reader a preiview of Macbeths character when the soldiers say brave Macbeth , from this we know that he is a famous and noble man When we first meet Macbeth he is with Banquo and hamlet's essay, they run into the three withces who greet Macbeth with the following titles All hail Macbeth , hail to thee, Thane. ?The Red Stuff, The Clear Stuff, and The Aftermath. In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth , there are reoccurring symbols which help develop the major themes. There are some symbols used to logic an interpretive essay, foreshadow guilt which plays a big role in the theme of the play. It is evident that there are other symbols. Macbeth is a man; therefore he is the character most capable of violence. Is this what Shakespeare says? Shakespeare illustrates how not just Macbeth , but other male and female characters, can be violent. Army Accountability Essay? Violence is on formal a subjective term.

Perhaps physical violence is what Macbeth is ap biology capable of due to his. In “ Macbeth ”, the protagonist, Macbeth , is portrayed as a dynamic tragic hero that becomes dominated by his tragic flaw, as it frequently is for most Shakespearean characters. His character is logic an interpretive essay tempered by ap biology unit paradoxical states of mind, in which he develops an internal complex on many levels. Derrida On Formal? Moreover, his. Macbeth Essay In the cons essay drama script, Macbeth , written in 1606 by William Shakespeare, features such as language, and syntax in the important section of Act 1 Scene 7 were used to show the idea of the corrupting power of vaulting ambition. In Act 1 Scene 7, Macbeth , through a soliloquy, ponders about the.

depiction of evil in Macbeth is far more compelling than his depiction of virtue. Macbeth - i) Theme of logic an interpretive essay, deception is explored in varied and interesting ways in the play Discuss this view the play, with reference blah blah blah. ii) Shakespeare's depiction of evil in optimal ucr Macbeth is far more compelling. 24 May 2010 The Role of Blood in Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth The Tragedy of Macbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works. Derrida On Formal Logic? Junior high students, high school students as well as college students have studied this popular play over hundreds. Shakespeare's Use of Imagery in Macbeth In 16th century literature, primarily plays, it is common practice for authors to employ various forms of imagery in order to draw more emotion from the optimal resume ucr reader or audience. William Shakespeare, a literary master, makes heavy use of imagery in most of logic an interpretive essay, his works. story of Macbeth by William Shakespeare uses blood as an important symbol to illustrate the characters feelings and beliefs. Blood is used everywhere in Macbeth , the beginning in the battle field scenes, after they kill Duncan, when Banque was killed and at the end when Lady Macbeth feels that blood has stained. How Does the Recurring Imagery in Macbeth Add to the Power of the Play? How does the recurring imagery in Macbeth add to the power of the play?

In this essay I will discuss as to whether recurring imagery within Macbeth adds to the power of the play. Resume Ucr? I will do this by using quotes and different points from the play. Imagery is the use of vivid or figurative language to. Blood Imagery in Macbeth Imagine a war without guns, missiles, or bombs. A war with swords, daggers, and arrows. A war with blood , gallons and gallons of blood flooding the battlefields. Derrida Logic An Interpretive Essay? Set in control essays eleventh century Anglo-Saxon Scotland, this would be the typical battle scene in derrida logic an interpretive Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy. “To what extent is Macbeth and Son more than a story about Luke and Lulachs acceptance of a new father?” Fiction is a platform of writing that presents the important issues and values in life. The Author of ‘ Macbeth and Son’, Jackie French presents a dual plot about two boys named Luke and Lulach. How Shakespeare represents change in Macbeth. Explain how Shakespeare represents the change in Macbeth throughout the play.

Macbeth is introduced as a hero, a soldier who has earned great honour from his fame on the battlefield. Although he is naturally a man of army essay, ambition, supernatural elements as well as the goading from his wife influence him. Macbeth Essay William Shakespeare used the imagery of an interpretive essay, animals in “ Macbeth ” to help describe the nature of essay, various characters throughout the play which helps readers understand the play better. The sergeant said, “Yes, / As sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion” (1.2. 38-39). Eagles and lions have always. The Presentation of Choice in Macbeth (Shakespeare), My Last Duchess (Browning)

The presentation of choice in Macbeth (Shakespeare), My Last Duchess (Browning) and The Laboratory (Browning) Macbeth Macbeth’s choices are essentially presented through the soliloquys and asides, and basically boil down to derrida logic, “To murder or not to murder?”. Writing? As soliloquys and derrida logic essay, asides are effectively. “ Macbeth ” by William Shakespeare is a play in which the eponymous hero changes from a good to a bad character at the turning point in the play. This is a result of the king being murdered by delay Macbeth and lady Macbeth . It is the consequences of the murder by the two protagonists that the logic play is based. William Shakespeare's play Macbeth is army essay about a struggle for power in Scotland. Essay? Macbeth , the hamlet's delay essay main character, gets prophecies from three witches about his future accomplishments that will come to him. One of on formal logic an interpretive essay, his prophecies is that Macbeth will become king, Macbeth hearing this he becomes ambitious and later. Lady Macbeth: Accountable for resume ucr, King Duncan's Assassination. Lady Macbeth is more accountable than Macbeth for derrida on formal logic essay, King Duncan’s assassination, but that doesn’t mean that she is a more evil person than Macbeth . At first, it just seemed like Macbeth was honest and hamlet's essay, pure, and that Lady Macbeth was trying to manipulate her husband into committing murder. As the play. 'Art thou not, fatal vision.

Or art thou A dagger of the on formal logic an interpretive essay mind , a false creation'. (Lines 36-28) • Vision changes to writing thesis phd, one of a bloody dagger, and Macbeth seems to be concerned about the change, and on formal an interpretive, it brings about the turning point within his soliloquy. • He feels that by seeing it, his eyes 'are made. Malcolm's reference to delay essay, Macbeth as a 'Dead Butcher' and Lady Macbeth as a 'Fiend-like Queen', is not entirely true. This is due to the fact that at the beginning of the an interpretive essay play, Macbeth is shown as a very brave soldier, with good morals and highlights, very loyal to Duncan. Later on in the play he hires murderers and. Macbeth. a Dead Butcher and His Fiend Like Queen. *Towards the derrida logic end of the play Malcolm describes Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as “this dead butcher and his fiend like Queen”. Control Highlights Essays? To what extent is this a* fair assessment of the pair?

Even though Macbeth would love to be king, he does not want to become king by killing Duncan. He doesn’t want to kill him. ? Macbeth Themes – Class Notes APPEARANCE .Vs. REALITY CHARACTERS: Macbeth King Duncan Lady Macbeth Macduff Ghost of Banquo Witches KEY PASSAGES: MacBeth see’s the ghost of Banquo, it’s not actually there. (Pg 52, Act 3, Scene 4) MacBeth believed that he was invincible because no one could. ENG3UI date Macbeth Essay: The Influences of Supernatural According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, supernatural is of relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe.

This word generates an derrida essay, image of magical ideations in a reader’s mind. However, the play Macbeth , composed. Shakespeare's plays he uses many forms of imagery . Imagery , the art of making images, the products of imagination. In the play ' Macbeth ' Shakespeare applies the imagery of clothing, darkness and blood . (listed from least to most), Each detail is his imagery , it seems to contain an ap biology unit 2 essays, important symbol of. Shakespeare: Hamlet and Macbeth , imagery is a common, and often undiscovered aspect of his writings.

From the subtle animalisitc imagery , which provides for logic essay, much of the personalities of the character, to cons abortion essay, the blood imagery in Macbeth . In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, animalistic imagery is seen throughout. Nature and the Unatural in Macbeth. prediction/indication) of the kind of king that Macbeth will become. After Lady Macbeth receives her husband's letter, she is eager to talk him into doing the murder she knows that he has in mind. To prepare herself, she calls upon derrida logic essay evil spirits. Lady Macbeth wants to be unnatural, so that she can. robes.

They told Macbeth that he is now The Thane of Cawdor. Then Macbeth and his friend, Banque traveled to the king’s castle before going to their own homes. The king congratulated them for their victorious battle and on Macbeth’s new title. What did Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth when he told her what. What is hamlet's guilt and derrida on formal logic, is it shown in the play Macbeth ? Who demonstrates this guilt, and why is abortion it being displayed? Guilt is derrida a feeling that haunts the conscience for a while. Usually this feeling comes when one has committed an hamlet's delay, offence, crime, violation or wrong act. It is the feeling of responsibility for. Macbeth the use and abuse of power. ESSENTIALLY THE PLAY MACBETH IS ABOUT POWER, ITS USE AND ABUSE.

This was my actual LC essay title. The other essay title was on derrida on formal logic an interpretive, the evolving Macbeth -Lady Macbeth relationship which was a little tedious and not enough angles to look at it - I thought, so for a higher mark I went with the power. Macbeth and Illusions It is a truth universally acknowledged that things are often not what they seem. William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is recognized as one of the control highlights essays earliest literary examples utilizing the theme of reversal of reality. In Macbeth , appearances and symbols are deceptive, alluding to the. The impressions of derrida on formal logic, Macbeth in lines 123-146 of Act 3, Scene 4 are that of an uneasy man. He had just seen the ghost of Banquo at his royal celebratory banquet and delay, it had severely disturbed him. When he and Lady Macbeth talk in lines 126-127 they talk about murder. “What is the derrida on formal essay night?” “Almost at odds. Macbeth: Psychological or Metaphysical Drama.

Macbeth : Psychological or Metaphysical Drama? The starting point for deciding whether Macbeth is a metaphysical and psychological drama concerns the definition of these two terms. Metaphysical is delay defined as “the theoretical philosophy of derrida on formal essay, being and knowing” which suggests that “being” and air traffic highlights essays, “knowing”. Macbeth - Blood Imagery in Macbeth. William Shakespeare wrote the on formal logic an interpretive essay Tragedy of Macbeth in approximately 1606 AD. Ucr? He loosely based it on on formal an interpretive essay, a historical event occurring around 1050 AD. Macbeth is the story of a nobleman, who, while trying to fulfill a prophecy told to him by three witches, murders his King to cause his ascension to the throne. “Sleep” in Macbeth The image of sleep is consistently mentioned in Macbeth with the intention of creating a symbolic importance - consciousness. Unit? Sleep is an derrida, essential element in resume life, similar to breathing and eating, to be sleeplessness is essay usually associated with emotional or mental tension while.

The Role of the Witches in the Play Macbeth. Macbeth The first three cycles of the play are: A. The prophesy B. The murder C. Abortion? The betrayal The main worry for Macbeth after he achieves power is that he will not be able to pass on that power that in fact it is likely according to the witches prophecies to be passed onto his friend Banquo. The. Preliminary Year 2013 Literature Stage directions in Shakespeare’s Macbeth Supervised by Dr. Mohamed Rifaie Done by Yara Ashraf Ahmed Soliman Preliminary Year Literature Section Stage directions in derrida logic essay Shakespeare’s Macbeth According to Webster's New World College Dictionary 2010, stage direction. How far is cons abortion essay Lady Macbeth responsible for the murder of King Duncan? Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon.

He was known for “The Globe” a theatre where he would act out one of his plays. He is seen as one of the most distinguished playwright to have ever walked across the face of the. Title Author: Macbeth by William Shakespeare Publication Date: 1606 Genre: text adaptation of on formal logic, play Writing Style/Point of View: 3rd person objective, dialog/stage directions, old, “Shakespeare” language Setting/Atmosphere: Various part of Scotland Characters: Macbeth : Scottish General. play “ Macbeth ”, Shakespeare reveals both good and evil characteristics of humanity. This is presented in the lead characters, Macbeth and lady Macbeth and optimal, highlighted with a range of an interpretive essay, language techniques and narrative devices. In the beginning of the play, Shakespeare clearly portrays Macbeth as the.

“ Macbeth ” : Character Evaluation I have read the play “ Macbeth ” by ucr William Shakespeare, and in this essay I aim to answer the derrida on formal logic essay question “To what extent did Macbeth cause his own downfall?” I have come to delay essay, the conclusion that Macbeth was only partially responsible for this, and I will try to derrida on formal logic, back up. Guilt Blood Imagery in Macbeth Guilt is a frustrating feeling; it evokes regret, self-punishment, and optimal, shame. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth do not know it, but every time they murder, their guilt increases, and they step closer to their downfall. Shakespeare uses the imagery of blood in on formal logic an interpretive Macbeth to illustrate. limitations on what a woman could do in army essay a marriage. This is reflected in the marriage of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth . The husband has more responsibility than his wife. Lady Macbeth is the dominant partner in the Macbeth marriage. Anything she says goes.

She is derrida on formal logic an interpretive a strong and very persuasive influence on her. image upon a play as short as Macbeth . In any literary work, it is extremely important that the essay author can effectively manipulate a reader's feelings towards a character. In Macbeth , that feat is accomplished magnificently by Shakespeare. Derrida Logic An Interpretive Essay? Through his skillful use of imagery , Shakespeare shows us a deeper. the judgments and responses of the audience. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth the readers get glimpse of the innermost workings of the character’s mind through their soliloquies. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”. Macbeth who appears as a valiant hero in Act 1 Scene2 begins to project. Imagery and Symbolism Employed in Macbeth. Macbeth Essay How does the imagery and symbolism employed in Macbeth contribute to the tone of the text and the development of its major themes?

Imagery and symbolism are both significant to the development of the tone and major themes of guilt and madness reoccurring throughout both the film and. during the 16th century, explored a variety of themes through his work. His play Macbeth , a tragedy which explores the potential for both good and evil within human nature through the central characters Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and a range of dramatic and language devices. The play highlights the potential. The text Macbeth by abortion essay famous playwright William Shakespeare portrays a dramatic power struggle by the careful employment of various literary techniques. Derrida On Formal An Interpretive Essay? Authority poisons everybody who takes authority on himself (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin) aptly describes this prominent theme of abortion essay, Macbeth . Derrida An Interpretive? Techniques include. Macbeth essay on Act 3, Scene 4 The impressions of Macbeth in writing lines 123-146 of Act 3, Scene 4 are that of an uneasy man. On Formal Logic An Interpretive? He had just seen the ghost of Banquo at his royal celebratory banquet and it had severely disturbed him.

When he and Lady Macbeth talk in lines 126-127 they talk about murder. “What. Diederich 10671118 11/10/13 Blood in Macbeth In the highlights essays play, “ Macbeth ” blood can be used in a very imagery way. On Formal? Researching blood in this blood and researching online I figured out that Blood is used to develop the character Macbeth . Throughout the whole play, “ blood ” changes its meaning and it used. | Scottish play for James I | * Macbeths views on Good/evil Right/wrong | * Contemporary audience confused by the conflicting opinions in the first two scenes- Macbeth linked to both good and evil. | * Witches-“fair is foul and foul is writing thesis fair” * Macbeth -“so foul and fair a day I have not seen”. The theme of Appearance vs. Reality in on formal Macbeth is apparent throughout the delay essay play. Shakespeare makes this clear by how he incorporates character’s feelings, subconscious motives, or whether the blood on their hands is real or not . Appearance vs.

Reality is the way something is logic an interpretive displayed (appearance), clashing. Macbeth is a tragedy that falls together by many different forms of evil. Lady Macbeth plays the main female character in this play forced by essay motive for power. Macbeth is greeted by three witches whom foreshadow the evil in the story telling him that he is going to become Thane of Cawdor, and after that. “ “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to derrida on formal essay, the toe top-full of direst cruelty! Make thick my blood ; stop up the air traffic highlights access and passage to remorse……… ………… Come, thick night, and pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell, That my keen knife see not the wound.

Powerful images heighten our experience of the play “Macbeth” experience of the play “ Macbeth ” It is said that writer’s imagery reveals their own idiosyncrasies*. Shakespeare reveals the logic an interpretive essay inner most thoughts of Macbeth with the use of striking imagery . Writers naturally tend to draw attention to things they know best or think most about . Macbeths thoughts are betrayed.

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GUIDE FOR ESSAY WRITING- UNISA: ENN315R. You might hand in essay, an intelligent, beautifully-written, beautifully-presented assignment, by the due date; but if it doesn’t answer the question, it will fail. How can you ensure that you have answered the question? You do this by analysing the question, by noting special instructions, and by keeping to the word limit. Whether an assignment question is long and complex, or short and simple, it consists of three elements: ? the Subject, which tells you what the resume ucr, general area is. ? the Limiting words, which tell you which part of the derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay, subject you must limit yourself to and focus on. ? the ap biology, Direction words, which tell you what to do. ? it will enable you to orientate yourself to the topic and present a relevant answer. ? it will help you to structure the Introduction of the derrida an interpretive, assignment.

? Make sure that you understand all the key words in the question. ? Make sure that you understand what the direction words mean—then carry out those directions. ? Focus on the limiting words. Lecturers will sometimes ask you to include particular material in your assignment, or will ask for a specific approach or angle. Look out for these special instructions, and army make sure you incorporate them into your assignment. The following examples include special instructions (indicated in bold here) which must not be ignored.

You'll lose marks if you ignore them. KEEPING TO THE WORD LIMIT. However, if the instruction specifically says something like ‘No more than 500 words’, then you are not allowed to go over derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay that limit. It’s essential, then, that you get the introduction right. This means that you must know what the introduction is supposed to do, what sorts of things must go into the introduction and how to write and structure the introduction properly. An introduction should do the following: ? indicate the scope and direction of the writing thesis phd, paper, and act as a navigation guide to its reading. ? show the reader how you are interpreting and approaching the question. ? provide a context for the main issue.

? indicate the derrida on formal, focus of the paper. ? indicate your conclusion and point of view. Below is an air traffic, introduction which would be suitable for a 1500-2500 word essay. Question: The Turn of the Screw. The governess presents herself throughout the main narrative of The Turn of the logic, Screw as a heroine and the “ghosts” as agents of evil. In a short essay, consider whether the conflict between these forces is all that it seems to be.

Make detailed reference to hamlet's, the novel to support your view. In academic writing, the whole ‘story’ is outlined in the introduction, and given in on formal logic, detail in the body. Remember this too: in academic writing, everything must follow logically from a starting point. Optimal Resume Ucr! It is unlike fiction, where accidental happenings can change the direction of the story with unexpected twists and turns. In academic writing, there can be no twists and turns; the logical direction of the argument is indicated in the introduction, and followed faithfully in the body. ? Brief, relevant background information and/or other contextualising material. ? A thesis statement.

? Your point of view. Brief, relevant background information. Providing background information or other contextualising material shows how your topic fits into a broader framework, and what approach you are taking. Derrida An Interpretive Essay! By doing this, you can point your readers in the direction you want them to control highlights essays, go; you can also show them why the topic is significant. ‘Brief’ and ‘relevant’ are the important words. Don’t give your reader too much context— give just enough (often only a couple of logic an interpretive sentences is ample for a 2500 word assignment) to essay, place the derrida on formal, key issue of your assignment in its context.

In the introduction above, a brief background of the topic is provided in ap biology unit 2 essays, the first two sentences. In the novella The Turn of the Screw by Henry James a surface reading would seem to indicate that the plot is one of the classic selfless heroine pitted against evil corrupting ghosts. The heroine is bent on saving two innocent children from on formal logic an interpretive essay attention of two ghosts’ who seem to wish to corrupt these children. These two sentences briefly put the focus of the assignment within its context, and show the reader where there might be a problem. It is not necessary to writing phd, give more background information in the introduction to derrida on formal logic essay, a short essay. The essay map gives the scope and essays direction of your paper. In one sense, the on formal logic essay, whole introduction is an essay map, since the introduction should serve as a guide to navigating the written assignment.

However, it is also important to show what specific areas your writing will cover. The example above continues: However, there is also a very obvious undercurrent of hamlet's delay ambiguity with regards not only to the motivations of the governess but to the ‘reality’ of the derrida an interpretive essay, ghosts. In my essay, I plan to writing thesis phd, argue that it is the ambiguity of the existence of the ghosts combined with selfish motivations of the governess that set up the evil in this novella. In this way, the introduction has provided a map to the essay, since the on formal, essay is going to cover these topics in detail.

The thesis statement. The thesis statement is one sentence (or more if the assignment is long and ap biology unit complex) which explicitly states the focus and direction of the writing. It is usual to put the thesis statement at the end of the introduction, but it can sometimes be placed at the beginning. Don’t put it in the middle of the introduction. The thesis statement often begins with expressions like: ‘This report examines. ’ ‘In this essay I will discuss. ’ ‘In this essay, I demonstrate. ’. We recommend that you adopt this strategy, especially if you are an inexperienced writer. That way, you won’t forget to put the thesis statement into your introduction, and your reader has a clear idea of what the focus will be. The introduction example given above continues: I shall discuss the conflict between the goodness of the derrida on formal logic an interpretive, heroine and the evil of the ghosts adopting the position that the ghosts are merely illusions projected by the governess and her need to prove herself worthy of her task of looking after the children. This sentence tells the highlights essays, reader exactly what to expect in the essay, as well as showing how you have gathered your information and what conclusion you will come to.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE INTRODUCTION. ? General statement about the subject. ? Beginning to focus onto the topic. ? Becoming more specific. ? Specific thesis statement. INCORPORATING YOUR POINT OF VIEW.

Generally speaking, in an undergraduate assignment, having a ‘point of view’ means coming to a particular conclusion rather than leaving the derrida on formal logic essay, question up in the air. The conclusion need not be original. In Example 1 above, the part of the thesis statement above that says: HOW LONG SHOULD THE INTRODUCTION BE? Remember that this is only a rule of thumb. There is no absolute rule about hamlet's essay length. Derrida Logic! Just be sensible about it. WRITING A CONCLUSION. The conclusion should: ? Be a logical ending to what has been previously been discussed. It must pull together all of the army, parts of your argument and derrida refer the reader back to essay, the focus you have outlined in your introduction and to the central topic.

This gives your essay a sense of derrida essay unity. ? Never contain any new information. ? Usually be only a paragraph or two in length to pull together the control highlights, different parts of the essay. ? Add to the overall impact of the essay. ? End with a long quotation. ? Focus on a minor point in on formal logic essay, your argument. ? Introduce new material. THE CONTENT OF THE CONCLUSION. ? A summary of the highlights, arguments presented in the body and how these relate to on formal logic essay, the essay question. ? A restatement of the main point of view presented in the introduction in response to the topic.

Begin with a sentence that refers to the main subject that was discussed in the body in the essay. Make sure that this sentence also links to the preceding paragraph, or uses words such as In conclusion to signal that these are your final words on the subject. Then, you may give a brief summary of your argument and identify the main reasons/causes/factors that relate to the question you have been asked to accountability essay, address. Derrida On Formal An Interpretive! If there are two or more parts to the question, be sure to include responses to each part in optimal ucr, your conclusion. Finally, it is a good idea to on formal essay, add a sentence or two to reinforce the thesis statement which was used in your introduction. This shows the reader that you have done what you said you would do and gives a sense of unity the essay. Additional elements that may be added include recommendations for future action and speculations on future trends. Generally, although a short pithy quote can sometimes be used to spice up your conclusion, the conclusion should be in your own words. Try to avoid direct quotations, or references to other sources. A TYPICAL CONCLUSION.

In conclusion, I would like to unit, reiterate my standpoint that the conflict between the governess and the “ghosts” is on formal an interpretive essay not all that it seems to be. I have demonstrated that the ambiguous nature of the ghosts, whether they are real or unreal underscores the governess’s own selfish motives. This sets up a situation of good versus evil, with the governess’s constant presentation of optimal resume ucr herself as heroine and the ghosts as forces of insidious corruption. However, on logic essay closer examination, I can be argued that the conflict established based on the governess projection of delay essay these ghostly forms in order to control and derrida an interpretive manipulate the situation and the children. In this way, the conflict that is delay seen to on formal logic an interpretive, arise reveals the governess to be a locus of the evil that enters the Bly estate, an evil she refuses to acknowledge. However, if argued from the standpoint that the unit, ghosts are real, then a different position vis-a-vis the derrida on formal logic, governess’s actions can be adopted. Much of your written work at university is air traffic control based on the ideas of other writers. Whenever you have taken something from another author (that is to say, you have taken an author’s theory, opinion, idea, example, conclusion, or findings), you must say who you took it from, and where the original can be found.

This is important whether or not you use the author’s own words. In other words, you must acknowledge and cite your sources both within the body of your essay and in your bibliography. This is important whether or not you use the author’s own words. WHY ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SOURCES? ? To lend authority to what you are writing. ? To strengthen your argument. ? To support your own ideas. ? To avoid the charge of plagiarism. WHAT IS PLAGIARISM? It doesn’t matter whether the original words or ideas are those of a published writer, or those of another student—you must not copy without giving your source. HOW DO YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SOURCES?

There is more than one way to acknowledge your sources. The common system used by the English Studies department at UNISA is the Harvard Method. When using this system you must follow it consistently. At the derrida on formal, end of an assignment you should give a list of ap biology unit 2 essays all the sources you have referred to. Your bibliography must provide full and accurate details, as it is the means by which the reader can follow up your sources. Make sure that every text reference appears in the bibliography, and that every item is mentioned at least once in derrida logic an interpretive essay, the assignment. (if you do not cite the reference inside the essay you may not include it in the bibliography) Important standard referencing conventions:

? An entry must consist of thesis author(s), date of publication (full date for daily or weekly publications, year only for others), title details, publisher details, place of publication. ? Entries must be in alphabetical order of surname. ? Titles of books and journals should be in on formal an interpretive essay, italics (or underlined where italic font is not available). ? Book title must include edition (other than first) and any other details given on the title page (eg series, translator, original title). ? Journal title must include volume, number, and page numbers of article. ? Leave yourself enough time to optimal ucr, process your assignments. ? Make sure you understand what is asked of derrida on formal logic an interpretive essay you in optimal resume, assignment tasks. ? Continually write about your thinking. ? Read widely to inform your thinking.

? Accurately record your sources of information when you are making notes (including page numbers) ? Make a clear distinction between your ideas and the ideas of others (this should start from initial notemaking through to final edit). ? Fully develop your paragraphs so that your response is clear and you are not just reporting what you have read. ? Work on your summarising and derrida paraphrasing skills. ? Learn when and how to include direct quotes in your writing. ? Learn how to reference different kinds of source (diagrams, pictures, tables etc) Essay exams are designed to test your ability to synthesise information and to organise your thoughts on paper. The following points are designed to help you prepare for unit essay style examinations.

Be familiar with the terminology used. Make sure you understand the logic an interpretive, question and are clear about accountability what you are being asked to derrida on formal essay, do. Delay Essay! Terms like: close analysis/ close reading, discuss, compare, trace, illustrate and evaluate all have different meanings and on formal logic essay will require a different style of answer. Take time to read the exam paper thoroughly. Not reading questions properly is a common mistake made in essay exams. Army Accountability! Therefore, make sure you read each question carefully and be sure you understand exactly what the question is asking.

If the question is on formal logic an interpretive essay ambiguous, unclear or too broad, clearly write your interpretation of the essay, question before answering. Plan before you write. Don't write your essay off the top of your head - the results will be disorganised and derrida on formal an interpretive essay incoherent. Before you start writing, jot down your ideas and organise them into an essay plan. ? You can write a plan on the exam paper itself, or on any spare paper you have with you. ? Begin by thinking about how you will answer the question. ? Note the main information in point form. Doing this will also help you think about your answer.

Time yourself on each question. ? Allocate a set time to complete each question (for example, two essays in optimal, two hours = 1 hour per question) ? Start with the easiest one and do the hardest last. An Interpretive! This approach reduces anxiety and helps you think more clearly. Answer in air traffic control highlights essays, the first sentence and use the language of the question. Always answer the question in the introduction. To clearly signal your answer, use the language of the question. Question: Analyse how the on formal logic essay, governess is the army accountability, heroine and the ghosts figures of evil” You could begin your essay with:

In this essay the governess could be considered the heroine and derrida on formal logic the ghosts as figures of evil if we consider that the ghosts are real. However, if the ghosts are considered to be illusory then the governess’s position becomes more problematic, in writing thesis phd, this essay I shall argue from the position that . . . Logic! This approach makes sure you answer the question, and hamlet's delay makes the exam easier to mark. Make sure you structure your essay. It should follow basic essay structure and include: An introduction should explicitly state your answer and the organisation of the essay. The Body of your essay should include: ? Appropriate details for your answer. In your Conclusion, re-answer the question and refer briefly to the main points in derrida essay, the body. Show HOW you have answered the question. For example: In conclusion, it is clear that.

This is optimal resume ucr most clearly illustrated by derrida on formal an interpretive, . . . (give your best example and end the essay). Write as legibly as possible. ? Be aware of grammar, spelling and 2 essays punctuation. ? If you have time at the end of the exam, proof read your essay for grammatical and spelling errors. ? Leave space in between answers in on formal, case you have time to add any information you didn't include in your essays.